Project Overview

A standout business, with a social mission

Orion’s mission is simple, they believe everyone should have the opportunity to work. Orion offers hope and creates paths to employment through building esteem, mentoring, training, education, community services and successful businesses. What isn’t simple is their business model. We worked with the organization to clarify its message, build a new brand image, and develop an extensive new website that communicated to its diverse audiences.

The original Orion logo

The original Orion website

The Challenge

Bringing clarity to the organization

With three distinctly different offerings and a multitude of audiences, our task was to create a brand image that spoke to all and upheld the values and spirit of the organization.

Scope of Work

+ Brand Messaging
+ Logo Design
+ Graphic Standards
+ Photography
+ Website
+ Annual Report
+ Social Media Plan
+ Launch Video

The new Orion logo

Launching the new Orion brand

Rolling out the new brand image / Orion Brand Video

The New Logo

New starts, start here

The new Orion logo had to work hard yet retain simplicity at the same time. The new mark needed to represent multiple offerings and address the organizations many audiences. The result was a logo that upheld the precision and delivery of aerospace, while representing the interwoven human connection of training and employment. The updated Orion star most importantly represents the achievements of the program participants.

Understanding The Organization

The Orion Model

Through extensive surveys and interviews with customers and employees, it became clear that the business model was not easy to understand. A big part of our job was to clarify this message and build a website that made it easy for visitors to easily find the information they needed.

“The process has been really good, it’s led us through a logic of solving some of the technical pieces behind our brand. And in addition to that, we’re having fun.”

John Theisen – Former CEO / Orion

“Our website is awesome and Hansen Belyea was able to transform a complex organization into an easily navigated site. Love our new look as well.”

Kathy Powers – VP of Services / Orion

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