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Your story in motion

When it comes to letting your audience know who you are, there’s perhaps no more effective means of communication than video. With video, you can tell your unique story and give your audience a way to connect with your brand that’s impactful and informative. That said, we know that figuring out what story to tell and how can be somewhat daunting. That’s why we’ll work with you to better understand your goals and challenges, as well as your audience needs. Only then can we help you develop the story that’s right for you.

“From the beginning when video started to get big in marketing campaigns, they really helped us step up our video content.”

Desiree Willis – Marketing Manager / The Robbins Company

Compass Construction / The Culture of Compass

LDC / Celebrating 20 Years

Laird Norton Wealth Management / Introducing a New CEO

BCRA / Partners in Problem Solving

Robbins / Mill Creek Tunnel Project

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Bringing your story to life

1. Discovery Meeting icon

1. Discovery Meeting

Begin at the beginning.

We start by meeting with you, learning about your project, your brand, and what you’re looking to accomplish. We’ll talk about your audience, and where you envision using video to connect with them. We’ll align on who should be interviewed, what needs to be captured, and the overall takeaway you want to leave your audience with. 

2. Storyboard Development icon

2. Storyboard Development

Blueprints for your story.

The next step involves mapping out the content for the video in terms of story beats. We’ll come back with a storyboard that outlines key portions of the video, as well as inspiration examples that will help guide the conversation about the overall mood, look and feel, and direction of your video.

3. Planning and Schedule icon

3. Planning and Schedule

A clear way forward.

Working together, we’ll determine how many days of filming are necessary for your video. Each day will be mapped out with associated shot lists to ensure we are capturing everything we need while staying on schedule. We’re accustomed to filming locally as well as nationally and internationally. You tell us where, and we’ll be there. 

4. Filming icon

4. Filming


Our clients often choose to join us on location for the days of the shoot. These days can look different, depending upon the scope and needs of the project. We film interviews, shoot b-roll footage, capture drone footage and time-lapse (if necessary), and take still photos as well. We’d love to have you with us!

5. Editing icon

5. Editing

Where stories take shape.

When in the editing room, we begin to establish the mood and voice of your video. Through the use of music, story and visuals, the narrative begins to come to life. Once we have a rough cut composed, we’ll meet with you to discuss and get feedback. Your suggestions will be incorporated into our second round of editing and we’ll return with a new cut.

6. Finalize and Deliver icon

6. Finalize and Deliver

Just hit send.

With the final edits and adjustments in place, we’ll create the final cut. From here, your video is ready to distribute through the various channels we discussed and determined earlier in the process. For the social versions of videos, captions will be included as part of the process.

PRIME Electric / Women in Construction

PRIME Electric / Prefabrication

The Robbins Company / Overcoming Tough Ground in Vietnam

Eton School / Developing a Lifelong Passion for Learning

Schultz Miller / Realizing Your Vision of Home

Connecting with your audience now is more important than ever

See how our clients are utilizing video to reach their audiences during the pandemic

Video Production

Around the world, or in your own backyard

We added video services to our offerings in 2009. It was a natural extension of the branding work we were doing with our clients and the next logical step in helping them tell the brand stories we were developing. In that time, we’ve created more than 100 videos and filmed in 10 countries around the world. On location, we keep our team nimble and small, which gives us the flexibility to react quickly to changing needs and minimize our impact on the locations where we film.

On location in Chengdu China for The Robbins Company

Filming at BCRA

Hansen Belyea listened, we felt like we were in good hands. We established a good rapport, and we felt like they understood us.

Dara t'Sas – Marketing Director / BCRA

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