Hansen Belyea Blog
Thursday, February 23, 2023

Proudly Announcing Our Next Event: Co-Lab Mini

By Hansen Belyea

We are at it again! Six months after the success of our very first all-day marketing conference, Co-Lab22, we are busy planning our follow up, Co-Lab Mini. Combining forces once more with our partners at Project Bionic, Co-Lab Mini will be keeping with the momentum started at Co-Lab22.

Mini AND Mighty

Like its predecessor, we’ve planned Co-Lab Mini to allow for participants to share their own experiences through structured networking. The conference features two 45-minute roundtable discussion sessions. The roundtables will be small groups led by moderators who are experts on the topic. All attendees will have the chance to select which topic to attend ahead of time.

One theme of the conference is the idea of resiliency in the face of ever-changing circumstances. There will be three speakers who will present on this topic.

The Co-Lab Mini speakers include:

  • Cara Castro speaking about “Redirection Post Rejection”
  • Wade Brill will lead attendees with a talk entitled “Center with Intention”
  • Kelly Parriott will talk about “Fostering a Culture of Innovation in an Economic Downturn”

All Are Welcome

The programming and topics covered during Co-Lab Mini will be appealing to marketing and design professionals of all levels. But we invite anyone who has interest in marketing and design concepts to be a part of this event — everyone’s contribution is welcomed. The more backgrounds and experiences brought to the conference table, the more enriching it will be for everyone.

Attention to Details

April marks the midpoint between last year’s Co-Lab22 and the eventual future Co-Lab23 (which will take place this upcoming Fall). Co-Lab Mini will be shorter in duration than Co-Lab22, but we plan to pack a whole lot into the span of an afternoon.

Here are the specifics:

Wednesday April 5th
1:00pm – 5:30pm.
Metropolist in SoDo

Many attendees from our last event commented on how the space for the last event was fitting, so we decided to return to Metropolist for this event. The natural light, vaulted ceilings and wood flooring make for an inviting space that feels open and creative than the traditional conference space that lacks natural light.

We’ll also provide snacks throughout the afternoon with an end of the day happy hour to allow Co-Lab Mini participants to enjoy each other’s company and network further.

To learn more about Co-Lab Mini, visit the Co-Lab website or go directly to the registration page.