Improving Your Web Presence

Your website is your most visible and important marketing channel, especially now. Are you sure you have what you need to tell your story? Our companies continually grow and change, but rarely do our websites continue to match this evolution and support the company’s positioning as well as it could. While your site may need a tune-up, a full-blown redo, or just a set of fresh eyes, this presentation will help you come up with ideas to make your site work harder. We will go into a ten-point analysis of your site and how to improve different aspects. Since recruiting is especially important for many companies, we will have an in-depth portion on how to better position your site to attract talent.

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Key Audience Take-Aways

· Identify the most important aspects to get right on your site

· Better use Google Analytics

· Improve your case study / project pages

· Make your Careers page more engaging

· Better storytelling with messaging and visuals

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