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Job seekers have high expectations when they visit a company’s website. As they navigate through your site, they seek to understand the depth of your organizational values and culture, the prospect of timely career advancement, and alignment with their personal and professional identity – they may ask themselves “Is this a company where I belong?”

Just as your website must work to influence your customers to engage with your company, it must also aim to influence exceptional talent to join your growing team. But how can you effectively capture the unique experience of being on your team and present it in a way that resonates with prospective recruits?

Join us for our first virtual event of the year “Building a Website For Recruiting, presented by Hansen Belyea” with our Strategic Director, Brianna Home and Creative Director, Ron Hansen. During this webinar, Brianna and Ron will walk you through some of the common challenges that recruiting teams are facing with their website, as well as how to develop a solution tailored to your company, including opportunities to:

+ Conduct research and survey staff
+ Set goals and strategize for recruitment across the website, not just on the Careers page
+ Simplify and elevate the candidate user experience
+ Develop data-driven and dynamic messaging that attracts and influences recruits
+ Embody your authentic internal culture in your brand and messaging
+ Tell compelling stories through high-impact photography and video

More about this event

When: Thursday, April 18th, 2024

Time: 11 a.m. Pacific (1 hour long)

Where: Zoom

Fee: $25

Register: Details for joining this event will be delivered to your inbox upon registering for this event via Eventbrite here.

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