Build Awareness Through a Stronger Online Presence

As a marketer, it’s no secret that your digital marketing efforts are more important than ever. Since most marketers are strapped in terms of time and budget, we need to be strategic about how we develop and prioritize our digital marketing presence.

With digital channels as the main way to connect with your internal and external audiences, it’s critical to get to know your audience again, and deliver relevant content through the right channels. The workshop will be led by Hansen Belyea’s Strategic Director Brianna Home along with sections presented by Design Director Ron Hansen and Project Manager Georgia Blerot. Join us to find out what you can do to strengthen your company’s digital presence and better position your brand to reach your audience today.

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Key Audience Take-Aways

· How to prioritize and balance your digital marketing efforts

· How to stay human and connect with your audience digitally

· Examples of how brands are optimizing their digital presence

· Checklist for analyzing your website and what to measure with Google Analytics

· New inspiration and ideas for your brand’s digital presence

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