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Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Prepare Your Team for a Video Shoot Day

By Chloe Cudaback

Ron, Creative Director, shooting the sunset over a body of water with houses and mountains in the background.

Many clients come to us with exciting video concepts—whether it’s spotlighting their company culture for a Careers page or telling the story of a key project. During the planning stage, it’s important to begin thinking about how footage from an investment like an on-site video shoot can be leveraged in the future, extending its impact and reach.

Before our team arrives, here are some steps you and your team can take to prepare for an on-site video shoot day:

    1. Determine how the footage will be used and reused, both now and in the future. Incorporating a few additional questions during interviews can help align the footage with your broader goals, whether it involves enhancing your website, creating short-form content for social media platforms, or including it in client proposals. Consider your target audiences and what you want them to take away from the content. 
    2. We work with you to figure out your story and align the shot list and schedule for the shoot day. This typically involves one or two meetings with our team, during which you’ll tell us about your company, the specific project or initiative, and any other background information that might contribute to the overall story of the video.
    3. Collaborate with us to develop the shot list. After spending time with you working to understand your goals and the site we will do most of this, but there may be additional shots that are a priority for you or would make good B-roll. 
    4. Line up A-List and B-List interviewees that are integral to the initiative or project and will enhance your storytelling. You may choose to set aside time to rehearse talking points or a script prior as a group or 1:1. While we prefer having people speak to the camera naturally, you can also request a teleprompter to assist interviewees during filming. 
    5. Ensure that the location is prepped for filming. Even if we’re filming on company property, there may be legal considerations or logistical barriers to address. We’ll work together to identify and mitigate any potential issues, such as drone restrictions, weather forecasts, or necessary approvals. On our end, our director will consider what is going to look good on camera, like color, imagery, set dressing, and lighting, depending on if the shoot is inside or outside. 
    6. Assign a point person to be in contact with the Hansen Belyea team during the shoot day. This doesn’t have to be the same person or people that worked with us to prep, but it should be someone that is fully looped in and can guide us to the necessary locations and introduce us to your interviewees. That said, there have been many shoots where we have gone it alone. 
    7. Embrace the shoot day as a unique opportunity for storytelling and to get out of your usual routine! Some of our favorite work days are shoot days. We get to see and learn more about our clients and their work and sometimes even see it in action. 

Curious about our recent projects? Take a look at our latest video collaboration with UMC below:

This was a ton of information and may seem overwhelming, so we broke down the most key questions that you should answer ahead of a shoot day with Hansen Belyea

    1. Who is our target audience and what do we want them to know? 
    2. Do we have a clear understanding of the story for this project? 
    3. How will the footage be used for this project and in the future? 
    4. What needs to be captured to tell the story effectively, including potential B-roll?
    5. Who do we want to interview?
    6. Which location enhances our storytelling, and are there any potential barriers to its use?
    7. Have we allocated time for rehearsal before the shoot day?
    8. Who will serve as the designated point person for the shoot day from our team? 

In order to get the most out of your shoot day and footage means a bit of extra planning. When you entrust us with your project, we ensure that the process is both seamless and enjoyable. We’re here to assist you every step of the way, whether it’s now or for a future project. 

Ron and Brianna interviewee and interviewee during a video shoot day with Hansen Belyea on-site.

Ready to talk more about your next video project? Connect with Brianna Home, Strategic Director at brianna@hansenbelyea.com to connect with our team.