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Underground, the world over

With a multitude of projects around the world, the Robbins Company relies on video to help tell the stories of the tunnels their machines are boring. From a hydroelectric tunnel in Malaysia to a metro expansion in China, Hansen Belyea is onsite to document the process. With footage from 15 projects in 7 countries, The Robbins Company has a robust library of underground accomplishments to share with potential customers.

Cutting through difficult ground in Vietnam

The Robbins Company

Always advancing

Hansen Belyea has created an extensive library of project case studies for The Robbins Company. Each video has been adapted for a variety of uses – full length cuts for case studies, shorter cuts for social media platforms, and extended versions for use at Trade Shows and presentations. As they introduce new technologies and tunneling methods video has become the best way to showcase how it is being implemented in the field. And hearing directly from their customers about why they choose Robbins adds a compelling reason for prospective customers to trust the Robbins name.

“From the beginning when video started to get big in marketing campaigns, they really helped us step up our video content.”

Desiree Willis – Marketing Manager / The Robbins Company
International shoots

We're down for that

For the past 13 years Hansen Belyea has traveled extensively to capture tunneling projects for The Robbins Company. Documenting these projects has taken us to India, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Norway and Mexico. Conducting shoots in remote parts of the world requires experience and know-how – skillsets that we’ve also applied to shoots in our own back yard.

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“The fact that we’ve done so many international shoots has really helped us streamline the process. You have to be prepared for anything, in many cases you have one shot at getting it right.”

Ron Hansen – Principal, Design Director / Hansen Belyea

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