Project Overview

Energizing a growing brand

Prime is one of the most prolific and successful electrical construction contractors on the west coast. With primary markets in the tech-centric regions of Seattle and Silicon Valley, Prime has extensive experience across all industry groups, and delivery models. The company’s rapid growth made it clear that the old brand image was no longer in sync with the projects Prime is executing today. With a model of continuous improvement, they turned inward to reassess their position in the market, and move forward with a powerful new image to pave the way for continued future growth.

Prime Electric's original logo

Prime Electric's original website

The Challenge

A new brand for a growing business

With a 30 year history serving the Seattle region, Prime Electric expanded its footprint by acquiring a California-based electrical company. With this new acquisition came an underlying need to assess the organizations brand image. With competitive markets in both regions, Prime needed to do a better job of showcasing the high profile projects they had been executing on for years.

Scope of Work

+ Brand Messaging
+ Logo Design
+ Graphic Standards
+ Website
+ Photography
+ Video Series
+ Magazine

The new Prime Electric logo

Client Testimonial

Apprehensions about rebranding

Undertaking a complete rebrand can be a daunting process. Kayleen Tinker, Marketing Manager at Prime Electric discusses how the process went.

“They genuinely want to provide the best service they can. From day one, they dug deep into our company culture and our specific niche in the market, so they could understand it and make strategic decisions based on our marketplace.”

Kayleen Tinker – Marketing Director
What We Did

An elevated image

Working closely with the team at Prime Electric, Hansen Belyea put together a plan for updating the brand image and elevating the company’s perception in the industry. The company’s focus on continuous improvement provided a platform for developing a new logo and identity system. From there we created a new website, an ongoing series of video content and a new magazine that highlights the people behind the projects.

Rebranding Prime

A Field-First Company

“From a company who had never previously measured our performance through marketing initiatives, Hansen Belyea did a fantastic job giving us input on how to measure our success, what metrics to look at and how to evaluate those.”

Kayleen Tinker – Marketing Director / Prime Electric

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