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Comprehensive design and development.

We know that no two website projects are alike, they all come with unique challenges and opportunities. That’s why we’ve adopted a flexible approach when it comes to design and development. We’re experienced in handling projects large and small, and specialize in developing custom sites. Often times we are handling all aspects of the project: writing content for the site, directing and producing photography, creating the entire design language for the experience – fonts, colors, icons and graphics. We also handle all of the development and testing of the site, as well as taking your team through a training session once the site is live.

In addition to the quality of their work, they’re also very proactive, transparent, and communicative in their approach.
Website Design for multi-disciplinary firm BCRA.

Website Design for multi-disciplinary firm BCRA.

Our approach is tailored to your needs

The design and development process



This time is critical for us to learn as much about your needs as possible. Websites are complicated projects, and involve a multitude of decisions and direction, which is why we work with you to map out the best way for your project to move forward successfully.


Navigation & Wireframing

Before the visual design process begins we work to formalize the site map, the navigation hierarchy and functionality, as well as create wireframes to give everyone a better idea of the content needs and locations in the website.


Messaging Development

We work with your team to determine how the content for your website will be created. We are available to handle writing all of the content, or stepping in to assist your team with portions of the writing as well. We will also work with you to evaluate the best way to break up content, choose the optimum places on the site for content, and ensure that users are finding what they need as easily as possible.


Visual Design

Having learned about attributes of your brand in the discovery process, we use this information to build out the visual world of your site. These include the typography, photography, color palettes, iconography and graphics needed. At this point, your site is mocked up on a platform that allows you to click through pages, and get a sense of how the website will look and feel.



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Test & Train

At this stage the website is placed in a secure testing environment where we can troubleshoot any final issues that arise. We are also able to assess its performance across the variety of devices, from desktop to tablet and phone. Our team will then work with you, so that you understand the functionality of the back-end, and are comfortable updating and editing content on your own.


Site Launch

Once the testing and training has been completed, we are ready to launch the site. Depending upon the size of your website, it typically will take about 24 hours for the new website to propagate.


Maintenance & Service

The online world is not a static environment, and so the needs of your site will be shifting constantly. We are available to help you keep your site functioning at its best, and ensure that all necessary updates and plugins are properly installed to keep it running efficiently. We’re also available for assistance in troubleshooting any challenges that arise.

Marc Vassallo, Marketing & Communications Director at Schultz Miller, discusses the results of their new website.

Hansen Belyea’s design work and creativity are off the charts. The recently launched website has received positive reviews from internal and external sources.
Custom photography and Tagline developed for Orion.

Custom photography and Tagline developed for Orion.



Mapping Out Content Needs


Determining what content is needed for the website is crucial for developing a content schedule and plan. Wireframing allows us to block out all pages of the website, and the associated content needed for each. It also helps us to determine navigation style and functionality.

Developing Fully Responsive Sites

Utilizing analytics, we can determine what devices your audience is using to access your site. This allows us to decide if there are any specific ones we should be focusing on. All of the sites we develop are fully responsive, which means they are developed to adapt seamlessly to any screen size or device.

Desiree Willis, Marketing Manager at The Robbins Company, discusses the process of overhauling their website.

Crafting Your Core Messages

Your website is an online expression of your brand, and allows users to connect with you on many levels. Your site is more than images and code – the messages on your site need to convey your brand promise, direct users to relevant content, and ultimately compel them to act. We have a team of writers who work hard to develop messaging that is an honest reflection of your brand.