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Capturing Your Story

Video is perhaps the most immersive way for your audience to learn more about who you are. Video allows you to tell your unique story, and gives your audience a way to connect with you that is emotional and informative. However, knowing what story you should be telling can be daunting. We work with our client’s to better understand their current initiatives and challenges, as well as the needs and wants of their customers. Only then can we develop the storyline that will be most compelling. We love helping our client’s bring their brands to life through video.

Filming for Port Blakely at the Winston Creek Forest Carbon Project.

Filming for Port Blakely at the Winston Creek Forest Carbon Project.

From the beginning when video started to get big in marketing campaigns, they really helped us step up our video content.




Women in Construction


Hansen Belyea worked with Prime Electric to create a series of videos highlighting women in construction. We visited job sites in both California and Washington and collected interviews from a variety of inspirational women in the field.

Recruiting Video

Powered By People

Recruiting top talent is a key initiative for Prime Electric. We created a series of culture videos highlighting what it’s like to be a part of their team.

Client: Prime Electric

Brand Video

Partners in Problem Solving

As part of the rebranding initiative, this video explains the multi-disciplinary approach that BCRA offers its clients.

Client: BCRA

A compelling way to tell your story

Our Approach to video


Discovery Meeting

First things first, we meet with you. We learn about your project, your company and what you’re looking to accomplish. We talk about your audience, and where you envision using video to connect with them. We talk about who should be interviewed, and what needs to be captured.


Storyboard Development

The next step involves mapping out the concept for the video. We’ll come back with a storyboard to outline key portions of the video, as well as inspiration examples that will help guide conversation about the mood and direction of the video.


Planning & Schedule

Working together we will determine how many filming days are necessary for the project. Each day will be mapped out with associated shot lists to ensure we are capturing everything we need and staying on schedule. We are accustomed to filming locally as well as nationally and internationally.



Our clients often choose to join us on the days of the shoots. Shoot days can look different, depending upon the scope and needs of the project. We film interviews, shoot b-roll footage, capture drone footage and time-lapse if necessary, and sometimes take still photos as well.



This is where we establish the mood and voice of the video. Through use of music, story and visuals, the narrative begins to come together. Once we have a rough cut composed, we meet with you for input and feedback. We incorporate these edits into our work and return with a refined cut.


Finalize & Deliver

With the final edits and adjustments in place, we create the final cut. From here, the video is ready to distribute through the various channels we discussed early in the process. For social versions of videos, captions will be included as part of the process.

Company Video

Realizing your vision of home

After Hansen Belyea rebranded Schultz Miller and built a completely new website, we created a video highlighting their expertise in constructing high end homes in the Seattle region.

Client: Schultz Miller

Project Video

Vietnam Hydroelectric Tunnel

Hansen Belyea has filmed project videos for The Robbins Company all over the world. Robbins is able to use these case study videos on their website, at trade shows, and in meetings with potential customers.

Client: The Robbins Company

Storyboard concept for Laird Norton Wealth Management.

Storyboard concept for Laird Norton Wealth Management.



Connecting With Your Audience


Video is one of the easiest ways for your audience to learn more about you. 72% of people would rather learn about a company through video versus text. When we worked with BCRA on a rebranding initiative, we used video to connect with their audiences and inform them of the exciting changes happening. Watch the video.

Around the world, or in your own backyard

We added video services to our lineup of offerings back in 2009. It was a natural extension of the branding work we do with our clients. We have created nearly 100 videos, and have filmed in 10 countries around the world. We are a nimble team of 2-4 when we are on location which gives us the flexibility to react quickly to changing needs and minimize our impact on the locations where we film.

Principals Brianna Home and Ron Hansen on location in Xi’an, China filming for The Robbins Company.

Principals Brianna Home and Ron Hansen on location in Xi’an, China filming for The Robbins Company.

Hansen Belyea listened, we felt like we were in good hands. We established a good rapport, and we felt like they understood us, and they really listened.

Hansen Belyea Video

Made in Malaysia

While on location in Malaysia filming for The Robbins Company, we produced a short piece from footage collected during the trip.

Client: Hansen Belyea

Brand Video

Wood Poets

Utilizing urban trees that need to come down, due to hazard or disease, Urban Hardwoods creates beautifully crafted furniture that highlights the natural beauty of the wood.

Client: Urban Hardwoods

Filming at the Thuong Kon Tum Hydroelectric Tunnel, Vietnam.

Hansen Belyea has differentiated us from our competitors in so many different ways, and in a way that stands the test of time.