Hansen Belyea Art Show Caps Off Our 2016 Event Series

By Ron Hansen

We closed out our 2016 Make it More event series on a creative high note last week with the Hansen Belyea Art Show. We decided to challenge ourselves for the event by asking every member of the Hansen Belyea team, from Marketing Analyst to Account Executive, to make a piece of art.



Initially, the non-designers among us were a bit anxious about having our “art” shown side by side with works created by our talented designers. But by the time everyone had finished their projects, each piece was so strong we decided to see if our guests could tell the difference between the designer’s work and the efforts of the rest of our team.


It turned out to be a challenging game. Out of 40+ guests, one correctly matched 5 of 8 pieces with their creator. 3 people guessed 4 of 8  artists correctly. Apparently, the non-artists among us have more artistic chops then we thought. Many thanks to everyone who participated!


Along with everyone’s fine art, the evening also featured the debut of a new clipboard wall mural created by Hansen Belyea designer Maya Chin. Watch the video above to see Maya and Alexis install the whole mural in just 30 seconds.


Our Art Show was the fourth and final event in our 2016 Make it More series which started June 16th with an evening social exploring logos and brand evolution. Two lunchtime seminars followed—the first on July 13th on the power of video to reach audiences, and the second on getting the most from your web investment , which we held September 21st. Once again, thanks to everyone who attended any and all of our four events, and for helping us “Make it More” in 2016. And keep an eye out—our 2017 event series is just around the corner.