Hansen Belyea Blog
Wednesday, September 20, 2017

5 Takeaways to Make Your Brand Stand Out

By Harri Lewis

Last week, Hansen Belyea held the 3rd event in the Step Up series – Step Up and Stand Out, which focused on branding. We welcomed current clients and new faces to join us for lunch and a discussion on the importance of making your brand stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace. We want to share five of the key takeaways you should consider to make your business Step Up and Stand Out.


1. Your logo is powerful, so make sure it aligns with your company’s attributes. We like to think of a business’s logo as the true reflection of the brand’s history, core values, and personality. Take Apple for example – a sleek, elegant, yet simply designed logo, which perfectly resonates with Apple’s ethos and brand message. Does your logo align with your company’s attributes? If not, you may want to consider a rebrand or brand evolution.

2. There is significance of all touch points with your brand. A brand isn’t simply just a logo, or the service or product that your company provides. A brand lives in the mind of the customer, where much of the brand image is intangible. Be aware of this in all of your communications (and not just with marketing) to make your brand stand out and be an authentic representation of your company.
3. Your company is evolving, so should your brand. Every company’s goals and circumstances build and change year to year, and it’s important for your brand to grow alongside those. Since your brand is more than just the logo, the evolution usually takes place in the supporting materials such as imagery, headlines and color palette. Consider reviewing your company’s objectives annually and creating a marketing strategy that aligns and supports this approach. Make sure you are staying true to who you are, yet changing enough to catch the attention of your audience.
4. Continuity is a necessity, especially with your colleagues. For your brand to really stand out, it must be continuous across all communications platforms, including your internal audience, which helps keep a consistent message with clients. Marc Vassallo from Schultz Miller, highlighted the importance of a coherent understanding of the brand message internally, so that a powerful front is presented externally. He talked about how he presented Schultz Miller’s brand message internally using video.

5. Stay ahead of competition by keeping an eye on them. Be sure to see what your competition is doing, and move into a space that they aren’t occupying. “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” but when your competitors start copying what you are doing, it’s time to figure out what’s next. It’s important you aren’t duplicating their positioning as well.


Thank you to all of those who joined us for the Step Up and Stand Out September event. We would like to invite you to our next event: Raise a Glass to Creativity, which is our second annual art show with drinks to celebrate local creativity. Please join us on October 26th 5.30-8.30pm, at Hansen Belyea, 109 West Denny Way, Ste. 312