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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

5 Ways to Improve Your 2017 Marketing Plan

By Brianna Home

‘Tis the season to be planning. This is the time of year many of us are putting the finishing touches on our 2017 marketing plan. It’s an excellent time to assess what worked (and didn’t) in 2016 and improve your strategy for the New Year. Here are five effective tips to make next year’s marketing plan your most successful yet. We’d love to give you personal recommendations for your 2017 marketing plan, contact us if you’re interested!

1. Empower Your Army of Brand Ambassadors

As we tell our clients, every member of your company’s team is a potential brand ambassador for your organization. Having everyone understanding your marketing goals and telling the same story is a powerful (and cost-effective) marketing tool many companies neglect. But employees don’t want to be talked at. Getting internal buy-in requires engagement. If you’re too busy to hold company-wide brand and marketing education, consider using video or an inviting brochure to get everyone on the same page.

2. Video Moves Your Marketing $ Further

In 2017 video will continue to be one of your most effective tools for engaging with your audience and telling your brand story. A Hubspot study recently found that 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI. No matter the size of your budget, we recommend adding video to your 2017 plan. Look for real-time video becoming more prominent in the coming year thanks to new platforms like Facebook Live . Also on our radar for 2017: the possibilities of 360-degree video!

3. Be Where Everyone Else Isn’t: Go Undigital

In a world increasingly dominated by digital interactions, making real face-to-face connections is more powerful than ever—and it’s not exactly top of mind for many marketing professionals. Investing in trade shows, live events, and other in-person marketing opportunities can give you an advantage over your screen-bound competition. Engaging print pieces can cut through the digital noise and get your message directly into the hands of your audience.

4. Stand on the Right Social Platform

The world of social media never stands still. If you are spending time and effort on social media marketing, now is a great time to evaluate your approach. Are you using the platform that makes the most sense for your organization? Are you getting great interactions on Facebook but Twitter is a ghost town? Consider focusing your limited resources on what is getting results or test a new channel.  How to measure these results? It depends on your business goals. If your aim is simply engagement, views and clicks are the goal. If you’re objectives are sales-driven, sign-ups and purchases are what matter.

5. Take Measure of Your Marketing Efforts 

Speaking of metrics, it’s a great idea to build measurement into your marketing strategy. There is a lot of data out there, which can be overwhelming. What we’re telling our clients is, instead of trying to measure everything, pick 4-5 metrics that you can stick with all year. Planning to set up a content calendar? Track the number of e-news. Improving your website? Use Google analytics to keep tabs on traffic to specific pages on your site. Trying to boost sales? Keep an eye on the number of new contacts you’re making.